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About Adorateb

Adorateb Co. name is taken from the word Adora, an original Persian word and it means helper. As the distributor company of Cobel Darou group, Adorateb Co  began its activity in sales and distribution of pharmaceutical and sanitary products in 2009. With respect to international standards of storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products, Adorateb,  as the best private distribution company of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in Iran, covers more than 10,000 pharmacies, hospitals, and health centers. Adorateb's distribution basket includes the products of top companies such as Cobel Darou, Dr. Abidi, SANOFI, AstraZeneca, L'OREAL and ....

About Cobel Darou

Cobel Darou was established in 2001 with the aim of providing required drugs (especially specialized drugs) for patients throughout the country. Since then, Cobel Darou has been active in production, importing, registration, marketing and distribution of specialized and general drugs (Chemotherapy, Cardiovascular, Radiography, Respiratory and so on). Having the first rank in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and sanitary sector in Iran, as  the largest shareholder of Dr. Abidi pharmaceutical company and the founder of Adorateb distribution company, Cobel Darou  has been working hard on implementing and committing to the quality systems. Along with its business activities, the company has always tried to work with charities and help patients as its social responsibility.

About AbidiPharma

Dr. Abidi company is One of the largest and most creditable pharmaceutical manufacturers. This factory is founded by Dr. GholamAli Abidi in 1946. After Islamic revolution and with the closure of the multinational factories, Dr. Abidi Company proceeded to get new drugs licenses. Over the last decade, Dr. Abidi company has produced and launched twenty new product,on average, annually . Dr. Abidi pharmacy is currently operating in a land with a total area of 15,000 m2 in 8th kilometers of Jaddeh Makhsoos, Karaj. With about 700 personnel who have various specialties, Dr. Abidi company has produced and launched over 160 products to domestic and overseas markets.

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