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Adora is an Persian word means someone who help and aid others. In 2008, Adorateb Distribution Co. was founded and started working with the aim of distributing and selling pharmaceutical and cosmetic goods across the country.

As a global distributor of Cobel Darou Group, Adorebat has been distributing the goods to more than 10,000 pharmacies, hospitals and health centers all over the country with the highest quality of distribution.

Our Distribution Basket

Adorabeb's distribution basket includes all products manufactured by Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Co. as well as imported products from CobelDarou Co. and some other products from other valuable suppliers.


Adorateb Organizational Values



Logistic and Distribution

Adorateb Co., with 24 distribution centers in the country, considerting the international standards of warehousing and distributing medicine, operates as the best private distributor of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in all provinces of Iran.

Work with us

At Adoreat we believe that human resources are the company's main assets for achieving goals and excellence, and we are always looking to hire capable and committed people. You can submit your resume to the email address below for your desired job.

Customer Voice

We are committed to protecting the rights of our customers. Our customers are our dear people and all those who contribute to the delivery of health-related products to the customer.

Customer Care Telephone: +98 21 8838 5681

Customer Care SMS Center: +98 5002140

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Cobel Darou in Iran Jabex

Cobel Darou Group companies, with the aim of attracting talent workforces, participated in the first international exhibition of Iran's workforce, Iran Jabex. This exhibition was organized and held by the Iranian Center of Work with the support of the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare from 5th to 8th May 2018 at International Exhibition Center.

Aug. 2018

Three Iranian new drugs unveiled / Production of the first edible drug for controlling Diabetes

The health minister unveiled Abidi’s three new Antihistaminic and Diabetes drugs. Reduction in number of pills a patient should take, ease of use, and more effective treatment are among benefits of these new drugs.

Aug. 2018
دی ان ان